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Collective Surfboards was born with an idea: create high quality boards adapted to a modern surf based on classic surfboard shapes.

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All our surfboards have a recyclable EPS core and are laminated with epoxy resin based on plant oil. High quality materials for great durability.

A constant search for lightness makes our boards ideal for better performance.

Made in Europe, our finishes vary depending on your tastes…

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Cork is made of bark from the cork oak; this material has the advantage of being light, water-proof, flexible, buoyant and best of it all sustainable! The cork trees are not cut down, as the bark keeps on growing and the cork can be harvested many times. Cork, is one of the most sustainable materials as it is self-regenerating.

To keep transport distances short, we source our Cork from Portugal. The trees are able to live between 1500 to 2000 years and produce a lot of cork during their lifetime!

Using Paulownia wood in surfboard construction is a wise choice. It unites resistance, lightness, rigidity and sustainability! It makes your surfboard very resistant against pressure dings and extends its life for many years.

Paulownia is a really fast-growing tree that makes its use eco-friendly and sustainable. The wood lessens the amount of fiberglass implemented on the surfboards, reducing the impact on the environment even more.

Working with resin tint is an art. The process requires a lot of experience, know -how and time. But it is worth the effort, ‘because your surfboard will come out as a unique piece of art!

You can do a different combination of colours. For inspiration you can take a look at the boards we’ve already made.




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