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Collective Surfboards was born with an idea: create high quality boards adapted to a modern surf based on classic surfboard shapes.

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The Collective range consists of 3 types of boards that are made using different sustainable methods and materials of high quality.
Our constant mission is to create light and durable boards that perform for those ecofriendly minded individuals.
Find the board that better suits your style and taste..
Made in Europe

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Cork is made of bark from the cork oak; this material has the advantage of being light, water-proof, flexible, buoyant and best of it all sustainable! The cork trees are not cut down, as the bark keeps on growing and the cork can be harvested many times. Cork, is one of the most sustainable materials as it is self-regenerating.

To keep transport distances short, we source our Cork from Portugal. The trees are able to live between 150 to 200 years and produce a lot of cork during their lifetime!

Our Collective boards are handcrafted by experienced shapers using a recyclable eps core with pawlonia wood and natural cork. Between the pawlonia wood and the eps core we use a layer of linen for extra durability. These boards are very resistant thanks to the pawlonia wood reinforcements that we use in the cork edges and in the fin boxes. To keep the manufacturing process as sustainable as possible and at the same time lighten the weight of the boards we do not use fiberglass. All our boards have a ventilated leash plug to avoid possible delaminations.

Boards made using recycled blanks with a resin tint finish; The surfboards are made from recycled blanks, utilizing plant oil-based resin and non-toxic pigments. To ensure sustainability, we source our polyurethane blanks from a nearby small business located just 20km away from our workshop. These blanks are created with over 80% recycled polyol and MDI-based memory foam, which reduces toxicity for workers involved in the manufacturing process. Additionally, the inclusion of a wooden component enhances their durability and resistance to dents.




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