Quad – custom shape
This original retro quad surfboard is a Collective Surfboard handmade of cork and with recycled EPS core. Cork is a material that has the advantage of being light, water-proof, flexible, buoyant and sustainable. This high quality surfboard is adapted to a modern surf with a classic shape. Made in Europe. We made custom handmade surfboards of cork, we made the surfboard of your dreams.
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About This Project

– 2mm cork sheet on deck and bottom.
– EPS core.
– Future fin system.
– Fin plugs for four fins.


The cork deck gives an extra-protection to the deck of our surfboards by its resilience and flexibility. Its slip-resistant properties mean that you don’t need to wax your surfboard anymore!

Cork is made of bark from the cork oak; this material has the advantage of being light, water-proof, flexible, buoyant and best of it all sustainable! The cork trees are not cut down, as the bark keeps on growing and the cork can be harvested many times. Cork, is one of the most sustainable materials as it is self-regenerating.

To keep transport distances short, we source our Cork from Portugal. The trees are able to live between 1500 to 2000 years and produce a lot of cork during their lifetime!

EPS Core:
Our EPS core has low impact on the environment and is produced just 80 km away from our manufactory! Like this we reduce CO2 emissions due to short distance land transport. It is recyclable and absorbs almost no water due to closed cell high compression. It is one of the most advanced and durable EPS cores for surfboard manufacturing.