Retro fish twin – custom shape
This retro fish surfboard is a Collective Surfboards with EPS core. This high quality surfboard is adapted to a modern surf and made with ecofriendly materials. Made in Europe. We made custom handmade surfboards, we made the surfboard of your dreams.
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Resin tint
About This Project

– Yellow vintage resin tint.
– EPS core.
– Future fin system.
– Fin plugs for two fins (twin).


We add a technique from the 60’s and 70’s to give colour to your surfboard. By mixing pigments to our eco epoxy resin we achieve different colours. Working with resin tint is an art. The process requires a lot of experience, know -how and time. But it is worth the effort, ‘because your surfboard will come out as a unique piece of art!

You can do a different combination of colours. For inspiration you can take a look at the boards we’ve already made.

EPS Core:
Our EPS core has a low impact on the environment and is produced just 80 km away from our manufactory! Like this we reduce CO2 emissions due to short distance land transport. It is recyclable and absorbs almost no water due to closed cell high compression. It is one of the most advanced and durable EPS cores for surfboard manufacturing.

Eco Resin:
Our epoxy resin contains about 40% vegetable oil and is the most eco-friendly resin for surfboard manufacturing on the market right now.  It is produced in the UK. The properties are promising: flexible to avoid “spider cracks” and durable to surf your board for ages.

The tinted resin is made by mixing coloured, non -toxic pigments to our eco- friendly epoxy resin. Like this, we achieve coloured surfboards with a cut lap without using toxic, solvent paints.

All Collective Surfboards manufactured in the “Resin Tint” production technique have the “Level One” certification from the sustainable surf Ecoboard project.